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A business owned and operated by Heidi Lea supporting graphic/web design, social webcare and now also as a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner based out of Hana, HI and Bellingham, WA.



My new foray into electric healing was inspired in my dreamtime, when one day in October 2021 I woke up with 'Tuning Forks' on the tip of my tongue, I even said it out loud and began reaching out to others who work with sound energy. This practice is used for balancing trauma, stress, pain, and stuck energy from the past or affecting the present. With the use of tuning forks as coherent input the body is brought to a place of self-discovery, attuned to greater awareness of one's natural ease and joy.



Networking through the medium of media is a craft as old as time. My roots in this arena began on foot and by bike through Bozeman, MT, promoting musical events, and social and environmental causes, with posters, word-of-mouth enthusiasm, radio spots and direct action. Curiosity and a desire to bring people together around the work of environmental sustainability led me to hours spent in the computer lab as a college student at the University of Oregon. I would put together press releases and promotional materials around symposiums and actions with my role as the Ocean Ecology Coordinator in the student run ‘Survival Center’.

One thing led to another and I found myself living in Maui, first helping put together a national bulletin board system online, followed by delving further into graphic design work. It was so fun working for the owner of the “Mauiana Magazine” back in the early ‘90s, doing magazine layouts and making ads for local business owners. Then a friend asked me to go in on a venture managing a graphics company, Originals. This establishment, although in existence for only a couple of years, was great fun while we were serving the community along the North Shore from an old cannery in Pauwela. We provided high-resolution prints, graphic design, promo, and proofs for local artists and musicians, board shapers, sail makers, and heli-photographers.

Even during my second run at university, my work study job was about managing computer labs in the fine arts building in Pullman, WA. Then, while doing a study abroad year in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, included being asked to design a poster for the dean of the Aboriginal Education Center for an East Meets West medical conference in New Zealand - where our work won top honors. Later, post secondary-education brought me to fun areas like managing all things technology-related for Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA and also being a Theatre Site supervisor for the district.

The best part of doing both digital webcare and electric Biofield Tuning is engaging amongst the artistic people and activities that I love - be it healing arts, music, fine arts, theatre or the establishments that support them.